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Royalty extends far beyond a blood line, royalty is a state of mind, so be the king of your castle.


Journal note 1

Some nights I dream in the notation Qd8++ teacher says it is my mind building muscle memory he says at the highest level I will begin to see the world as a board it'speople as pieces we speak about life being a game and how it's important to learn the rules and perfect thee maneuvers that's why we train so hard even at a time of peace we must prepare for war I've never been in battle but I feel I'm ready after all I've been training in aikido jujitsu and iaido since I was five I wonder what it feels like father says it is a scary and thrilling he fought in a war so did his father I wonder if I'll ever see the battle field how else would I ever test my skills and leadership how else can I truly call myself a man



J Louis



Being a King is not a birthright its a state of mind the J Louis Collection is a vehicle to that state of mind shop  J. Louis we are "Fit For Kings"